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Medical Benefits Network (MBN) was started in 1989 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, specializing in health insurance for individual and family coverage.  MBN became a well-known insurance brokerage firm by the region’s top health insurance carriers.

In 1995, (MBN) implemented our Membership Program, which was created to expand services for members.  This membership proram provides individual and family savings each year over and above their health insurance premiums.

As the value of the membership program increased with the individual and family market, MBN decided to expand into the small business and middle market group business.  MBN’s expertise and creativity has made them a leader in the health insurance small group business.

Today MBN offers competitive health insurance direct rates for individuals and businesses along with value-added services provided by a group of certified trusted agents.

MBN believes in community support and guidance, as such, they are members of the South West Community Chamber of Commerce and the Business Networking International groups.  Building relationships and synergy between businesses is what helps to make MBN successful.



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