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Medical Benefits Network Mission Statement:

Making a difference by helping our community have access to the plans that fit their needs at the lowest price through trusted agents who sincerely care about others!

Our Story

Medical Benefits Network (MBN) was started in 1989 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, specializing in health insurance for Individual and Family Coverage. MBN became a well-known insurance brokerage firm by the region’s top healthcare providers. Owner, Tom Prestia, worked several years in the Insurance Carrier industry and seen the need for a network of support for the average American to have a voice in their healthcare planning and opened the doors of our broker insurance agency. He started as an agent and now employs several agents.

In 2015, MBN expanded our services to beneficiaries needing Medicare coverage. Perspective retirees receive a great amount of information through the mail, emails, and telephone calls. A lot of this information can be very confusing and overwhelming. We saw the need to be an agency that would offer our help in breaking it down through a simple conversation one on one ruling out as much apprehension as possible. Retiring should be a time in one’s life that is exciting and not dreaded.

Today, we offer ALL of our services FREE of CHARGE! There is no cost to the Individual, Family, Group, or Retiree. We are paid commissions through the insurance carriers. Our success has come through putting the needs of others first and building relationships with not only those we help but in our community. MBN understands that rising costs makes our expertise crucial when choosing a plan.